The advantages of aluminum alloy frame mirrors

1.Good gloss and beautiful appearance. The characteristics of the metal itself determine the luster of the mirror frame, and the silver white magnesium aluminum alloy shell can make the product more luxurious and beautiful.

2.Corrosion resistance, sweat resistance, and resistance to fading. Aluminum magnesium alloy will generate a dense oxide film in the air, which can give the mirror frame the advantage of good corrosion resistance, and it is also relatively sweat resistant and does not fade.

3.The frame is light. Aluminum magnesium alloy mirror frame is mainly composed of aluminum, with a small amount of magnesium infiltrated. Aluminum itself is particularly light. The specific gravity of metal aluminum is 2.25g/cm3-2.75/cm3, which is about 1/4 of copper and 1/3 of stainless steel. Therefore, aluminum magnesium alloy mirror frame has the characteristics of ultra light.

4.Good compression resistance and high wear resistance. Being a metal material itself, it possesses some characteristics of metal and has the advantage of good compressive resistance. The surface of aluminum magnesium alloy produces aluminum oxide, which is very hard and has higher hardness than white steel, and good wear resistance.

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